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Welcome to the Chicken Wings Blog About Us page.

Chicken Wings Blog was founded by C.J. Toohey in October of 2018 after falling in love with everything fried chicken, chicken wings, etc.

He developed his passion in Memphis, TN where fried chicken is the understudy of barbecue and the blues.

However under represented in the media, C.J. believes that there is a deep and rich history with fried chicken that can be tapped into.

Chicken Wings Blog Purpose

The purpose of the chicken wings blog to to bring to public the delicious and multicultural elements of fried chicken.

There are so many different flavors and elements to fried chicken, and almost every part of the world does it differently, that there is an endless amount of topics to explore.

If you dig deeply enough, you can see all of the regional elements in the cuisine of a place. Whether it is in Ireland, or New York, or the Southern United States.

Each of these places has taken this simple dish and woven it into their culinary history and the tapestry of their traditions.

Chicken Wings Blog is a hub for ideas and exploration of what makes fried chicken so great, and hopes to share the impact it has on millions of people around the world.

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