All Star Hot Wings: A Real Contender

If you are looking for consistently above average flavor for a reasonable price, then give All Star Hot Wings a try! They have a number of locations, most notably in Cordova, Midtown, and on Summer Avenue.

all star

As a benchmark, this author wants to try the Honey Hot flavor (typically a mixture of traditional hot sauce, honey, and butter seasoned and blended together at the proprietor’s discretion). The crispiness of the wings, often referred to as the “fry” (the crunchy outermost layer of the that one first bites), is generally good. Having eaten here, quite legitimately, over one dozen times, one can say that this company has a recipe that works well, and they stick to it! The wings here are slightly undersized, which is quite possibly the biggest negative affecting their overall wing score.

Image result for whole stick of butter
The approximate amount of butter used in one wing. Maybe I’m over exaggerating. Maybe its best not to think about.

As far as the french fries go, they are average. A solid 6.5/10, which is much lower than they would be if they didn’t change, for whatever inexplicable reason, their french fry recipe! Summer 2017 the french fries were crinkled, golden, crispy, and seasoned generously to boot. However, due to unknown reasons, the purveyors of this establishment decided to change to straight cut fries and, simultaneously, must have fired everyone who knew how to cook fries through entirely (and how to use a seasoning shaker). More than once, this author has experienced undercrisp and underseasoned fries (once almost to the point of indignation). However, when the fry cook does decide to dole out more than one shake of his seasoning canister, the fry seasoning is above average at this location, drawing up the score slightly and begging the question “why?” to all the changes aforementioned.

crinkle fries
Now, don’t those look delicious?

As it is, this restaurant is an easy go to when one does not want to take the risk of an unknown wing shop. However, there are better options in Memphis. This chain has some serious room to improve in both atmosphere and food. These are merely observations, and a gentle reminder that nobody and nothing is perfect, along with an overall rating of 6.9/10.

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