An Ode to Fried Chicken

Introductory Stanzas

As I ease into tune,
I'll tell you just this
Fried Chicken gets me going,
I don't mind the health hit!

Whether by wing or by beak
Or by breast or by foot.
There's a special magic
that lies underfoot.

Main Story

 It's Saturday evenin'
And I'm peckish as hell.
Just give me a reason!
I'll brawl, can't you tell?

I'm a drunk and a hankerin'
For some fun and some food.
Just give me a second,
I'll rest my eyelids, then be good.

But wait! I'm awake,
I wasn't a sleepin'.
Damn, I passed out.
What the hell was I thinkin'?

No matter now,
My headaches beginnin'.
Time to get some grub
as my hangover is brimming.

Too tired to move,
Too much pain to lay still.
Only Water, Coffee, or Calories,
Will fortify my will

To get up and move out,
From this bed on which I lay.
I'll need to decide,
Or waste away my day.

Call the crew,
Make a plan.
Oh the choices,
Fate, stay my hand!

Be it Gus' World Famous,
or Uncle Lou's? That's a spot!
Nay, a bit routine for the first
And distant, the second. Let's not.

How about Crumpy's or Ching's?
Both are great! Let me think.
There's Central's, Wing Guru,
And Dirty Crow, Rest in Peace.

So many great Options!
From where should we choose?
I don't know, maybe none,
With each choice you can't lose!

Alas, its time
To decide. Bell has rung.
Okay, then to our old hunting ground
Whose praises we've sung!

Come now Alex's Tavern,
You old Salty Dog!
Bring me some Rock Mo's,
Cash in hand, your wings are the bomb!

That's just the ticket,
Something tasty, with zing.
With enough of a kick you'll
Feel better. Don't you think?

Fat fries, and cheap beer,
It's no fancy buffet.
But it'll do just the trick,
With a hangover at play.

At last I've been gorged,
And there's nothing left to do
But to say, "Goodbye, dear friends!
I'm going to snooze."

Concluding Stanzas

So on this wonderful Memphis Sunday,
I sit curled on the couch.
Football playing on the T.V.
Not a worry in the house.

Got nothin' to do
'cept to sleep and to play
video games, aloof.
I'm too relaxed to say.

There's Fried Chicken in my belly,
And my eyelids slowly stutter.
That's it. I'm satisfied for the weekend,
And it couldn't have gone much better.

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