How To Fry Chicken Wings With Flour

Pan fried chicken wings

How To Fry Chicken Wings With Flour The Steps: Procure 3.5 pounds of chicken wings Procure 2 cups of all-purpose, enriched flour, 2 tbsp salt, and 2 tbsp pepper Dredge the wings in the combined flour, salt, and pepper Fry wings 8-10 minutes in 350℉-400℉ vegetable oil, in an electronic fryer or in an appropriate, … Read more

Wilson’s Wings ‘n Things

Ol' Reliable

Ol’ Reliable When was the last time you sat down at one of your most frequented local spots? The tables seem familiar, the workers and the crowd is predictable, and the food and drinks are always the same. Things are predictable, you don’t have to think about menu changes, and the staff is consistent and … Read more