Background To Why I Started This Blog

The Chicken Wings Blog (CWB) backstory begins the Summer, 2017 when one Division-3 Offensive Lineman graduated from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee. Now in the real world, he worked part time for a ride-share company, hunted for jobs, worked out a six days a week, and got rowdy every weekend with his buddies. Life was good. That is, until, all of a sudden, his life became, suddenly and irreversibly, even better!

My Destiny

Our protagonist found his passion you see, and I’ll bet you know what it was he discovered! He found the almighty, golden deep-fried, crunchy delicious treat that is fried chicken wings! He had never experienced such bliss as the juicy whole wing granted upon his taste buds.

He underwent a moment of epiphany, when the stars aligned and the angels sung. A moment so monumental, it only comes once in each person’s lifetime (if they are lucky). The call to adventure quickly overtook him, and this former athlete started on the path to the rest of his life.

My Habit

Consequently, he fell deeply in love with the most saucy, crunchy, and delicious treat the human species had ever concocted. Eventually, he developed a habit of eating out with his buddies every single weekend, which lasted continuously for months on end.

His passion for eating (*cough* O-Lineman), combined with his love for the uncomplicated pleasure of crushing wings with one’s friends developed into a fanatical obsession. With no more football on his plate, and a healthy appetite for for the abundant, scrumptious chicken wing, he decided he had to combine his favorite food with his entrepreneurial spirit.

My Blog

Thus, he founded the CWB on October 10th, 2018. The CWB’s purpose (click here to read more about why we do what we do!) is simple, “Chicken Wings For The Common Person, By The Common Person”. In summation, he, and all CWB contributors, will provide you with the highest quality chicken wing based content they can muster.

Furthermore, check out our blog post categories by scrolling over, “Blog Categories” up above (or click here to navigate to the main blog page!). Additionally, you can see our current top post in the footer below, and you can see our three most recent blog posts directly below this post!

After all, chicken wings, and, by extension, this blog’s content, are meant to be simple, straightforward and unpretentious. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! Finally, subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates to our blog as well as new blog posts, and more, directly to your email (you will get the posts quicker this way). Thank you visiting, and enjoy the wide world of chicken wings!

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Me, C.J. Toohey, the founder of The Chicken Wings Blog