Haikus about Fried Chicken

Introductory Haiku:

Welcome Traveler!
Relax with my Short Poems.
Reasons be Damned.

Haiku about The Crunch:

Crackling my Teeth,
Hard Shell, Scrapes and Crinkles

Haiku about The Flavor:

Sugar; Light my Tongue.
Tangy, Peppery, Spicy
Sour with Sweetness

Haiku about Burning my Mouth:

Damned Wretched Skin!
Toughen Up for my Feast.
Again I have Erred!

Haiku about Overeating:

Perhaps I Deserve,
But not without Exercise,
Alas I want Ten!

Haiku about Saturated Fats:

Lazy Little Globules
Clumping in my Blood Stream.
End my Being, Wretch!

Haiku about Blogging about Fried Chicken:

Center of my World,
Spread that Wonderful Bounty
Of Love and Virtue.

Haiku about Indulgence:

Indulgence Take Me
Forthwith. But for a morsel
More. Eat 'Til it Hurts.

Haiku about Crinkle Fries:

Crispy, Crunchy, are
You Devils? Carried Rarely.
Surface Area.

Haiku about Unmitigated Pleasure:

Indifferent Eye
Gazes Placidly Around
I Sit Silent, Content.

Concluding Haiku

 Laughter, Carefree. My,
How the time flew. We Had Fun!
Come Again, my Friend!

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