Easy to Clean Deep Fryer | T-fal 3.5 L Easy to Clean Deep Fryer

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Buy the easy to clean T-fal deep fryer that will help up your frying game while saving you time on th cleanup!

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Buy the T-fal Easy to Clean Deep Fryer if you’re looking for an incredibly easy to clean fryer that still packs the professional punch that you want!

Not only is the T-fal fryer easy to clean, but it also has an incredibly powerful frying system, drawing 1700 watts. You won’t have to worry about your oil losing heat when using the T-fal!

It boast a 3.5 liter basket, big enough for all of your frying needs. It even has a basket so you can dunk and remove all of your goodies with ease!

Lastly and perhaps my favorite addition, the T-fal is incredibly easy to clean. It has a filtration system that will catch all of the leftover gunk lost during the frying process.

Then, the catch basin in the bottom of the fryer catches all of your filtered oil, ready for re-use! That’s right, not only does the fryer drain the oil in a mess free manner, but it also filters your oil.


This means you can save money on expensive oils, like peanut oil, and recycle it!


In fact, reused oil is often cited as a major flavor enhancer of some of the major restaurant chains who simply filter their oil and keep it fresh while packing in the flavor!

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  1. Wingmeister

    Incredible Easy to Clean Deep Fryer 🙂

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