Wilson’s Wings ‘n Things

Ol’ Reliable

When was the last time you sat down at one of your most frequented local spots? The tables seem familiar, the workers and the crowd is predictable, and the food and drinks are always the same. Things are predictable, you don’t have to think about menu changes, and the staff is consistent and quick.You will be interested to know that Wilson’s Wings ‘n Things is this sort of place.

Give Wilson a call and he will tell you the same sort of thing every time. Place your order, answer his questions, and then he’ll say, “Most important question, who am I talking to?”. He is amicable and his wing joint is a staple in the midtown Memphis, TN community.

Man on fire at deep fryer
After giving your name, he’ll tell you, regardless of order size, that it will take 8 minutes to be ready. 8 minutes! Every time. Incredible.

Wilson’s Special Blend

One only has to eat Wilson’s Honey Hot wings one time to realize that these crispy boi’s aren’t ordinary! Firstly, his wings are doused in golden, thick, aromatic sauce. Visually, upon opening the requisite Styrofoam container that all good (ahem, Domino’s, ahem) chicken wing spots have, one sets their eyes upon this beauty….

Wilson's Wings 'n Things 5 whole wings and regular seasoned fries
Did you know Reese’s patented the color Orange?

The red tint on top of the wings is an Asian spice that is atypical on Honey Hot wings, yet is aromatic and wonderful! His wings are slightly above average in size, and his sauce is sweet, spicy, and delicious. You’ll want to know that, though his sauce is good, he could improve upon the flavor palette to balance out the almost overly sugary sweetness with his unique spice.

In addition, the fry on the outside of the wings could be done better, and more consistently. You’ll be interested to know that in the double-digit times that this author has visited Wilson, he has yet to botch a batch of wings. However, his wings usually exhibit differing qualities of exterior crunchiness and juiciness, dragging down his score. The tasty chicken at Wilson’s Wings ‘n Things deserve a score of 6.7/10.0.

Asian Cowboys
Does anyone else think this is one of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s best episodes ever?


Look, you’ll want to know that this author likes Wilson, but someone has to separate the wheat from the chaff. His fries are lacking. They are straight cut, slightly under-cooked, and under-seasoned every time. Crinkle fries are the best for wings, and these fries, though not the worst fries imaginable, are from from perfect.

The one saving grace about Wilson’s fries are their size, which is large enough to act as an edible spoon one may use to funnel his tasty wing sauce straight into one’s mouth. However, in this author’s opinion the fries should be, at the very least, fried until crispy and golden brown. It’s no use crying over spilled milk. Therefore, if Wilson were to cut his fries the preferred method, cook them until done, and be generous with his seasoning, he could see a drastic increase in this score! In conclusion, these fries deserve an improvable 5.3/10.0.

Wilson's Wings 'n Things 1
Edible spoons are actually a thing. This author prefers seasoned, fried potato, but to each their own. Oh, check them out here: http://www.bakeys.com/

Get Along, Lil’ Doggies

Wilson’s Wings ‘n Things may not be perfect, but by god if it isn’t perfect for what it is. It is a tasty, reliable wing place that is open until 6 P.M. on Sunday’s. Additionally, it is manned by its dutiful owner, who one can guarantee is a dedicated and spry worker. This location is the epitome of small business, and we’ll be damned here at this blog if we don’t support the little guy. Wilson receives an overall score of 6.0/10.0 for his efforts, and he can easily improve this score with directed effort!

Wilson's Wings 'n Things Storefront
Call Wilson, but just know that he gets sad sometimes, so, you know, be positive

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