Zaxby’s Chicken Review: All You’ll Want To Know

We Get It, You’re A Busy Person

So, it’s come to this. You’re sitting in a Zaxby’s drive through at 10 P.M. on a Sunday night, wondering, “Where did all my discipline go? I’m better than this.” As you roll down your window, you consider diving into the deep end head first and going after that 6 piece monstrosity that will have your colon on fire at 3 in the morning.

Funn enough, i understand. Once in awhile, life just seems to catch up to you. Moreover, the bills all fall on the same week, you’ve been trying out a new diet (you look great, by the way), and work has just been sooo busy lately.

Consquently, you pull out all the stops, and now you want to know, what should I expect from this barn like chicken shack that everyone keeps telling me about? You’ve probably heard good things about their sauces, after all. So, read on for the review of Zaxby’s in Memphis, Tennessee!

Serious Question, Do Zaxby’s Sauces Kill Your Stomach The Next Day As Well?

Unfortunately, you made a rash decision. As a result, you’re now, instead of eating at some delicious and crispy local wing place, about to pick up some tasty stomach grenades to satisfy your craving for taste.

You know, we here at this blog are here for you. Accordingly, we want you to live your best life. But, there’s no way around it. You fucked up. This author is all about taking complete ownership for one’s actions, and the first step to ownership is acceptance.

However, what’s done is done. So, let’s dive into the gut busting, mouth watering fast food chain that is Zaxby’s Chicken!

Chicken nuggets is like my family meme
How one looks getting the 2000 calorie, four (okay six) piece Zaxby’s fingerz plate, with extra sauce

Zaxby’s Chicken; Actually Not Too Bad

Let’s be honest for a second, Zaxby’s is downright tasty. They are a chain and they have incredibly flavorful food, in fact, it would be surprising if their chicken just downright sucked (ahem, Domino’s).

However, you’re smart. As a result, you understand that companies like Zaxby’s do flavor panels all the time. They test for foods that appeal to the lowest common denominator, so that your average chicken wing blogger can’t stop thinking about those zesty Hot Honey Mustard chicken fingerz.

The Sauce Is Good

As a result, this chicken wing blogger, in all fairness, has to say he enjoyed, but did not love, the food he got there. The chicken is flavorful to the point one just wants to keep eating it! Additionally, although the tenders are a little small, the Hot Honey Mustard sauce combined with the patented Zax Sauce has a nice tang (that must be the MSG).

By and large, this author has a hard time rating fast food chain chicken highly on principle alone. But if one factors in the customer service, which was pleasant, and the order mistakes, which happens frequently at this author’s local store, then the score evens out. The final chicken score for Zaxby’s chicken is an appreciable 5.5/10.0!

Zaxby's Hot Honey Mustard, crinkle fries, water, Texas Toast, Zax Sauce, and fork to-go
Life Pro Tip: You’ll want to know that if you get a water with your chicken, then the calories don’t count

Better Than Most, But Still Not Great

First things first, these fries are crinkle fries. After all, any self respecting wing guru knows that crinkle fries are the superior addition to chicken. In addition, the fries are tossed in seasoning (a savory seasoning, at that), which is the correct method to fully coat fries. Zaxby’s gets it, and, even though they aren’t perfect, their fries are not the worst that this author has ever consumed.

However, these fries have a lot to be desired. They aren’t made with love, and they certainly aren’t cooked until crispy and golden brown (just look how pale they look in the photo above). In fact, there is nothing worse than a fry that can’t stand up under its own weight.

Full Disclosure

First, you’ll want to know that I’m biased against chain restaurants. Moreover, I am incredibly frugal, so the idea of spending cash on some chicken that isn’t out of this world incredible drives me wild. Therefore please take my grading with a grain of salt.

Second, keep in mind that Zaxby’s also destroys my stomach whenever I eat it. Even though I absolutely enjoy the flavors on the way down, the back end for me is unfortunately dismal. Therefore, also take that caveat and apply it to my overall scoring of this chain!

In summation, Zaxby’s has a recipe for consistently above average fries, but it depends on the location to make sure they actually follow through and cook them well. As a result, this author’s opinion has been shaped by the usual unmotivated efforts of a minimum wage worker. Finally, Zaxby’s french fry score comes out to 5.8/10.0.

Undercooked French Fry
Something about this picture screams inadequacy. I’m not insecure, you’re insecure

Zaxby’s Chicken Is Good

At the present time, Zaxby’s is a well received chicken chain. They are southern, they are tasty, and they genuinely have a recipe for success. In fact, they know how to make tasty chicken with tasty sauces; it’s what they do!

In conclusion, all things being said, this author has few qualms rating Zaxby’s as a temperamental 5.8/10.0. With this in mind, one has to take into account that Zaxby’s can absolutely hit the right spot when one is craving it. It can also be pretty darn good when the employees follow the system and do things correctly. After all, who doesn’t like saucy, salty, and tangy chicken? This author won’t complain.

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    • Hey! Yeah, I have to say in all likelihood it is far easier for a chain of this scale to purchase and distribute real chickens on scale than it is for them to manufacture fake meat. Chickens are historically cheap to produce and the technology to produce fake meats is only in its adolescence. I hope this helps!


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